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enero 24, 2019
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febrero 7, 2019

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Apps on smartphones are now used every day as they simplify our everyday tasks. That’s why companies are going far beyond the creation of mobile versions of their websites and have created applications that really surprise with their great functionality, but make them work isn’t that easy. And a big part of why an application works or not is because of it usability. That’s why we’ve compiled the best 10 tips for app developers. 

Study Your Users

The motivation of your users is way more important than yours. Always keep in mind the needs of the market in order to achieve success. By knowing your audience well, you can build a functional application that meets their needs. If you live up to this concept, you have a solid foundation for a good user experience. If you don’t, then your attempts to grow will fail. 

Easy and Simple Design

Although most people have smartphones and use applications, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are all experts at using them, and if an app is too complicated to use, they will probably prefer one that isn’t so complicated to use. That’s why your application must be so simple that even a beginner can navigate it easily.

Test your App

Once you have the design and functionality of the app in place, take the less technical friend or relative you have and watch him or her work on it. See if it’s intuitive and if the buttons are large and easy to read, take notes and pay attention to the places where it gets stuck or lost. By doing this you will be able to improve your creation and see if there is something you need to change or simplify for a better user experience.

Real-world Simulation

The key to designing a fantastic application with a rich and unique user experience is to create a design that emulates the real life.Include things we see every day, the elements that surround us, what we know and is familiar to our eyes, this way it won’t be too hard to get used to the design of the application, because it’s basically what we know as the real world. And if you add a little fantasy and your own style , you’ll make the application more attractive to the audience.

A convenient App

With any mobile application or mobile website, the most important concern of the creator should be: Am I making the user’s life easier and more convenient?” Design in order to supply your users needs by seeking feedback every step of the way and putting yourself in their shoes. If the main idea revolves around functionality and sustainability, the result will be better.

Offline Experience

Some of the most popular applications are praised for their easy use when the consumer is not really online. Those apps that work perfectly even when the consumer is not connected to WiFi or other signal are often very attractive. Think about how the application works in offline mode beforehand and try to innovate with your brand new ideas.

Adapt Your Design

Android owners use the device differently than iPhone users. So make sure your design principles match the operating system you’re designing for, so you won’t have errors or failures.

Cover all Platforms

Every day, users access applications across their multiple devices and platforms such as desktop, Web, smartphone, and tablet, often using all these devices in the same day. Entrepreneurs need to make sure their application is available, works and attacks on as many devices and platforms as possible.

Use Grids

Using a grid in your design is very useful, as you can keep everything consistently as you move from page to page through the application. Grids are an important design concept for maintaining consistency, creating visual connections and keeping the design unified throughout the application.

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