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Every day as the world of animation grows more and more, the audience demands both a quick and advanced performance. Animators need to keep up with the industry and try to work on time and on budget. That’s why, a few quick tricks and fittings will save you time and frustration. To get the coolest animations, you can read below for the best tips and tricks about animation.

Don’t Waste Time by Playblasting

It is important that you watch your animation by playblasting ways to be productive because there’s no replacement for watching your animation at real-time speed. However, you can lose hours every week waiting for previews and playblasts to render. To save yourself  valuable time, you can create a layer or a button to hide everything in the scene except the character and proxy-resolution sets, this way you can simply hit “play” to watch your animation.

If you’re working with a rig that’s too heavy, request a proxy version from your TD or supervisor. If that’s not possible, you could take notes while watching your playblasts to avoid re-playing constantly.

Facial Animation is about Motion, not just Poses

Real emotions are expressed in the movement of the face: a lip quivering when the character is about to cry, the eyes wide open when a person is shocked, or a character pressing their face tightly to avoid laughing at something. To do this, you’ll have to examine gestures of the face and observe their movement.

Since some poses aren’t possible with certain character designs, you’ll have to work a little harder sometimes. For example, Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. doesn’t have a nose, but he smells his armpit by moving his lips up and down while making the sniffing noise. This demonstrates that we don’t need specific poses or even anatomy to read facial animation. You can be as clear and communicative with your facial animation if you study the movement of the face and not just poses.

Mute your dialogue

You must listen to your dialogue over and over again to be able  to get into the character, the subtext, the mood and the performance. Later on, when you work on the full-body gestures, it’s common to rely upon the dialogue to fill in the action that’s lacking in the body. The best dialogue shots work better without the sound.

If at the end you don’t get a strong impression of the relationship between the characters and a good understanding of what is being spoken, your body language is not developed or supportive enough. Go back into the body and refresh your pose choices for the main points. Once you feel it is understandable without sound, then unmute the dialog and watch the entire animation.
These tips and tricks will help you save time and succeed. At Deform Studios, we specialize in design, rendering and 3D animation. Our professionals have a wide range of experience creating cutting edge animation for commercials, films, video games and digital media. Learn more about the services we provide here. If you need an expert animator contact us here.

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