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marzo 7, 2019

What was the last TV commercial you watched? If you managed to remember at least one, then you can say that company produced a memorable commercial. However, do you remember what the commercial was about? Or the message behind it? If you don’t then it wasn’t an effective commercial. The main purpose of creating a TV ad is for people to remember your brand and message behind the ad. Any effective commercial will always stick to the audience and create a connection between your brand and the audience. So, how do you create an effective and memorable commercial?

Clear Brand Representation.

Your brand name, logo, and product should always be represented in your commercial. Avoid being mysterious and waiting until the end to show the audience your brand. Don’t be afraid to be direct and to the point when showing your product or service on camera.

Build A Storyline.

A good TV commercial won’t only sell you a product or service, but it will also tell a story. You want to create a story that your audience will feel a connection to. It can be a sentimental story, a humorous one, or satire. Either way you want to find a way to connect your brand to the audience. By creating an emotional bond between your audience and your tv ad you can rest assure that people will always remember it because of the emotions it made them feel.

Create a Signature Character or Theme.

It’s important to have some consistency in all your commercials because this helps people connect to your brand. For example, the insurance company Progressive, created a character to represent their brand in TV Ads named Flo. This character is always seen in a Progressive Ad and the moment people see her they automatically know it’s a Progressive Ad. Finding a theme or character for your ad will help you create a connection that will make your commercial memorable.

Make it Simple.

A typical TV ad can be 15-60 secs long, which means you have a limited amount of time to get your message across and to make the connection with your audience. Therefore, it’s important to keep the storyline simple and to the point so your message is clearly understood. When planning for your commercial you want to make sure you develop a clear strategy for your ad to avoid misunderstandings and issues.

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