Facts About Virtual Reality That You Might Not Know

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Young disabled man in modern VR goggles in hospital during treatment

As technology grows more and more every day, we keep innovating the way we watch video content. A few years ago, 3D movies were the best for us, but nowadays we talk about virtual reality and artificial intelligence. However, do you think you know everything about virtual reality? We’ve put together some of the most amazing facts about it so you can catch up! Read on to learn some facts you might not know about virtual reality.

Healthcare by virtual reality

Virtual reality is no longer only used for gaming. Today’s healthcare institutions are using virtual reality in different aspects from diagnosis to treatment and the practice of difficult surgical procedures. This is possible through the use of computed tomography images and ultrasound scans, doctors can build virtual 3D models to decide the best location for surgical incisions and prepare for surgery. Virtual reality is being used to treat depression, anxiety, autism, and even nicotine addiction.

The early start of virtual reality

While immersion experiences have existed for decades, the current term most people use to describe that is pretty much new. The term “virtual reality” was invented by Jaron Lanier in 1987, during an intensive research of this technology, and the first VR headphones with surround sound were released in the 1960s as the “Telesphere Mask” by the inventor Morton Heilig. This device features stereoscopic (3D) TV, wide view and real stereo sound, allowing a greater immersion in the virtual reality.

What is virtual reality?

We’ve all heard this phrase at some point but do we really know what does it mean? virtual reality refers to scenes, situations and events that are generated from a device, in which you can immerse yourself in a new environment through glasses, a telephone mask and headphones that amplify the angle of vision, creating the sensation that you’re inside the scene, with an unbelievable sense of realism. Although it all started as a game, now it is not only applied to the world of gamers, but also to the film industry, tourism, education, social networks, apps, and also in the field of health.

The Army and NASA are using Virtual Reality.

It’s not a secret that NASA is always up to date with new technologies, that’ s why NASA uses virtual reality to connect engineers with the devices they send into the space. Using the Oculus and motion detection equipment from a game console, NASA engineers are working on ways to control a robotic arm with gestures made by an operator on Earth.

In addition to NASA, the U.S. military uses VR to recruit and train soldiers before they are deployed. Simulated sceneries provide opportunities for teams to work together in realistic environments to get a better preparation for combat.

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