The Power of Mobile Apps

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marzo 1, 2019
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marzo 13, 2019

Each year as technology advances, we see an increase in the amount of usage and time people spend in mobile apps. In fact, according to mobile data and analytics company App Annie, in 2018 consumers spent $101 billion on mobile apps. Since people are spending more time on their smartphone apps and less time on mobile web, experts expect the use of mobile web to drop over the upcoming years.

What does this mean for Businesses?

It means that businesses need to start not only developing web pages but also create or join mobile applications. Apps account for over 90% percent of the internet time people spend on their smartphones. The mobile apps with leading activity were digital audio and social networking apps. Mobile is surpassing TV as the medium where people are spending their minutes in the US.

Mobile Apps Build a Presence.

Mobile apps help build brand presence. They help implement user engagement, which is a great way to grow a business. There’s no waiting around for a website to load, it’s easy and simple. They give businesses the ability to use push notifications to their advantage because this feature ensures that businesses can reach their targeted audience with ease. By creating a mobile app for your business you are giving your brand global exposure and constantly reminding people your brand exist. The simple act of your brand being present in someone’s phone screen is an easy way to remind people of your services.

Increase Sales

Mobile apps allow businesses to be innovative and creative. It’s an easy way to collect useful data about clients and provide them with more personalized services. Creating a mobile app for your business can also increase sales. It’s been proven that people do more shopping on their mobile device than they do on a computer screen. Mobile commerce has been growing over the past year and this 2019 it is expected to dominate over e-commerce. Mobile shoppers tend to browse more and spend more compared to web shoppers.

It’s clear that investing in app for your business will lead to better acquisition. For any business the most important thing is their customer so it’s important that every business is able to reach them through their preferred medium. At Deform Studio we create high quality mobile apps to serve any purpose from games to interactive tools. We build the app from scratch and monitor its performance. Contact us today to start building your app.  

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