Top Skills Every Motion Graphic Designer Needs To Succeed

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Motion graphics design is extremely popular and can be seen in almost everything from television, movies, commercials, mobile apps, and more. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced motion graphics artist, there are a specific set of skills that can help you become a great motion designer. In this article you’ll find the most important skills any motion designer needs to take their work to the next level and help them excel in their career.

Traditional Art Skills 

Having traditional art skills is a very useful skill to have during your design process and can help you communicate your message to the audience easier. With most motion graphics, it is generally easier to sketch or illustrate the main idea with paper and pencil before doing it on the computer, which requires more skills.

The sketches can be done much faster on paper, allowing you to quickly brainstorm and speed up the work rhythm. Plus, you won’t feel so bad if you have to throw away an idea you didn’t have to spend a lot of time on, but starting a piece from scratch after you’ve captured it on the computer will be much more difficult because it took more time and effort than just a piece of paper.

Typography and Color Theory

Typography is commonly used in design and is often the most important thing behind motion graphics. Therefore, it is necessary to have a familiarity with typography; what elements make up a typeface, what compliments a design and what is easiest for the audience to read. The right font can send your motion design to the next level.

But not only the letters and their shape are important, but also the colors. These are the ones that bring your designs to life, so it’s important to know about color theory, and what colors transmit different moods and feelings to an audience. You have to think a lot about the combination of colors you are going to use and what you want them to transmit

Originality and Authenticity

It can be easy to follow trends or modify existing patterns. The problem is that it can make your work look like everyone else’s and keep you from standing out. Think of your style as your signature or mark of identity, something unique and original that no one else has, making it memorable and unique. Each motion designer must have their own style. Of course, this can take a long time to develop, but it will over time. For example, look at Vincent Van Gogh, his work of art is very unique and the moment you see one of his pieces you recognize it as his.

Creative Thinking

Creativity is the ability or facility to invent or create something, and this gives motion designers the ability to bring a graphic element to life. Sometimes, you may be working with very little information about a client and the idea may not be clear, thus creativity is needed to turn a simple idea into a motion design attractive enough to catch the attention of the audience. Thankfully, creative thinking can grow with practice and time.

These skills will help any motion designer to succeed. At Deform Studios we specialize in design, rendering and 3D animation. Our Professionals have a wide range of experience creating cutting edge animation for commercials, films, video games and digital media. Learn more about the services we provide here. So, if you need an expert in motion graphic designing contact us here.

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