Virtual Reality: The Next New Tool for your Business.

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Virtual Reality is changing the way people work/learn in their business now. From architecture to tourism, VR is changing the way people do business. With VR technology being more accessible and cost efficient it’s no wonder many industries using it. Here are some industries using it now.

VR and Tourism

The tourism industry has seen a recent growth as VR technology has come into use. App developers can now create their own tours of hotels, making it easier for people to visualize themselves staying at these hotels. With Virtual Reality technology, tourist can now discover new places and locals can re-discover their country. VR also allows tourist to revisit an old site or to visit it in different seasons. It’s a great way to educate and inform people.

VR and Architects

3D technology is has been a popular tool amongst architects and visual artist. However, over the recent years Virtual Reality has offered a new way for them to show unbuilt designs. VR brings to life unbuilt buildings and makes the experience feel more vivid then a 3D design. In fact, according to a report from Chaos Group about 62% of large architecture firms are using VR for their projects.

VR and Healthcare

Virtual Reality is the new way doctors are being educated and trained. With medicine evolving more rapidly and new medical techniques being more complex, it is necessary for doctors to have somewhere to practice and the best new tool for them to use is virtual reality. It gives them the hands-on experience they need to manipulate the tools properly and the three dimensional anatomy. It’s also a great tool that they are using for patients rehabilitation and training. VR applications are used to help the healthcare staff make the right diagnosis.

There is no doubt that virtual reality is changing the way industries work. Transforming the way people learn and work in their field. Everyday the demand and growth for this business is increasing and at Deform Studio we have a wide range of experience in Virtual Reality and creating interactive and immersive applications. Contact us today and start creating a new world for your customers.

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